Project overview

In summary

BitSight approached us in conjunction with booking The Mermaid event venue in 2019. They had booked the upper and lower river rooms at The Mermaid, having loved the view across the Thames in these spaces that were flooded with light. We partnered with them to create some stunning branded items that would allow them to have some engaging and personal presentation and discussion panel sessions, as well as some more data-driven seminars that would allow them to dive deeper into the specifics of the topics. The upper river room became the central hub for the event, and we totally re-imagined the space in terms of layout, to create a stage in the middle of the room with the partition wall that separates this versatile space. We created a round table layout that allowed panelists to feel just meters away from their audience, making the presentations feel much more personable.

The branding we provided consisted of fabric frames as a stage backdrop, pillar wraps and an archway that created a wonderful stage presentation area. There were then eight pillars that we wrapped in the client's design, where designs flowed from one side of the pillar to the other, as well as some white backed window vinyl, which allowed the sun to shine through and aluminate the color. This created a stunning backlit printed design.

Moving on from this space to the breakout areas, we used freestanding wayfinding boards with wedge feet to help direct the clients around the venue. We created wall graphics, hanging banners and additional pillar graphics to be able to show off the client's messaging, including using some QR codes on the prints for clients to get more engaging content from these bits of messaging.

Finally in the breakout space we created some graphics that fitted onto partition walling and just added some additional touches to what can be quite a blank canvas, without spending too much of the client's additional budget.

This event went really smoothly and we're incredibly happy with the client's feedback about the event. Problem solving becomes a huge part of event branding and working out how to reconfigure a space to work for multiple clients is what we are all about. We pride ourselves at Vinyl Impression on helping clients realize the vision that they have, creating a totally unique look and feel for each client that visits one of our home venues.