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Project overview

In summary

Events Events, run by GCN network, is a conference created for event professionals, venues and suppliers. We have worked with GCN on multiple events and this was a great opportunity for us to work with them at one of our key venues, The Mermaid London, with sponsorship from some of the biggest players in the event world, including Headbox and others.

We count it a huge privilege to be able to be used by this industry leading event organizer and we pride ourselves in coming up with a refreshing approach to creating designs that will engage people; after all GCN are under the microscope on this event. As they are an expert in the event industry, they should be leading the way in many of these areas. People attend this event in order to get inspiration and to find out more about what is trending in the event industry.

Some of the products that we used for this event included 3d polystyrene letters. We used the hashtag from the event, which would be the same each year, so this item could be re-used. We installed hanging banners, wayfinding display boards, a step and repeat printed backdrop as a wall covering, printed pillar graphics and other directional signage, including hanging signs and floor graphics, and podium branding.

One key element that we introduced in 2019 for this event was a branded archway. This incredibly versatile and very cost-effective metal frame system is owned by Vinyl Impression and a printed fabric sock, which is printed double-sided, allows the client to be able to have a welcome and goodbye message displayed on this large, wow factor item.

This was also a key moment to show off the sponsors that really made the event possible. So the client was keen to use those in all of the designs across the venue. We love working with GCN and can't wait till the next event.