Atech 2

Project overview

In summary

Atech Support is a Technology Partner that offers its clients tailored solutions that come with the added benefit of a 24/7 support package. Atech Support provides its clients with everything from consultancy through to complete IT infrastructure, which is delivered by a team that is ‘addicted to service’.

Atech contacted us at Vinyl Impression to gain our help in printing a range of custom office branding graphics they had designed for their workplace. The key spaces within their office included meeting rooms, an open plan office, ceiling beams, doors, corridors and stairwells.

After taking the time to understand what Atech were looking to achieve with their workplace branding graphics we were able to make a range of suggestions to ensure the project was a success. The first of which was the recommendation to use permanent material. Permanent material is a highly durable substrate and is ideal for office environments, especially ones that have a layout that would expose the wall graphics to regular contact.

The second suggestion we posed was the use of 3D Foamex elements throughout the space, which included text and speech bubbles. The Foamex lettering was designed to sit amongst matt vinyl wall stickers in order to pull out keywords from the otherwise flat text. The 3D speech bubbles were printed directly to the foam boards, which were used to showcase the service values of the Atech team.