Consumer Insight

Project overview

In summary

Consumer Insight is a research agency that provides valuable intelligence that analyses what a businesses audience is actually thinking, feeling and experiencing. These insights can then be taken and used as a tool to better communicate with a company’s target audience, increasing profitability through effective marketing.

Consumer Insight got in touch looking to drastically alter the appearance of their work space in central London, through the use of large custom designs. Although they knew they needed a change, they didn’t fully know exactly what it would look like, but we were happy to help through this process. The concept of large industry related quotes was quickly agreed upon and the team at Consumer Insight sent the chosen texts across for our team to turn into fully designed, production ready typographic designs.

These quotes were then produced and then sent out and installed at their London hub. The installation went without a hitch and the graphic made a fantastic addition to their space, showcasing their creativity and knowhow.