Project overview

In summary

CyberArk is a online security company that specialises in targeting treats that attempt to make their way into the heart of an organisation’s system. CyberArk provide a service that aims to stop all attacks before they stop business. CyberArk are internationally known and impressively safeguard 45% of the fortune 100 companies to protect their assets, infrastructure and apps.

The team at CyberArk contacted us at Vinyl Impression as they wanted to discuss how we could help them create a series of bespoke graphics for their office space in London.The team at CyberArk had a pretty good idea of what designs they were after and provided us with the specification to make this into a reality.

The first key space that was highlighted was the main reception area. Within this area the team at CyberArk wanted to have a large logo, to which we suggested a 3D option. We produced the logo on a lightweight printed material and applied it to the wall using a strong adhesive. Also in this area we were asked to create a word cluster that contained words and phrases that summed up CyberArk in all its aspects.

The second key area we were asked to brand was a series of meeting rooms that needed to have a band of frosting applied with a strip of the corporate blue. In addition, these frosted manifestations had the name of the meeting room removed to communicate which room was which. To accompany these manifestations, we also produced the meeting room’s name in vinyl that was applied to the wall at eye level to also communicate the name of each room.

The final area was the main office spaces where their team work from. In this area they wanted to showcase their international reach by means of an extra large world map in their brand colour. In addition to the map, we supplied a series of motivational quotes, also in their brand blue, that were applied throughout their space to inspire their team.