Dot Digital

Project overview

In summary

Dot Digital got in touch with us through one of our favorite venues, Altitude London. They were booking out the 28th floor at the venue for a full day conference, which would consist of seminars, main presentations and exhibitions throughout the day by their key partners. We worked with the client to brand some of the key elements around the venue that would show off the colour and vibrancy of their brand, as well as creating some clever touch points around the venue that would help reinforce both the brand and the messaging for the event.

We also worked with each of their exhibitors that were placed around the venue in key locations for maximizing footfall during breakout sessions. We also designed the spaces that they were exhibiting in. However, the restriction of the client was that each booth needed to look the same. So we decided to work with clients on branded merchandise items, including cushions, sweet packets, tote bags, and other giveaway items. This event was a huge success, gathering well over 225 people throughout the day.

Some of the products that were used were a large stage backdrop that was wrapped in a printed graphic window branding, bar wraps, hanging fabrics, directional hanging signage, exhibitors signage from the ceiling and podium wraps for presenters to stand behind.
We also covered existing signage at the venue for directionals and printed agenda wall coverings.

Dot Digital is a repeat client for us and we've really enjoyed working with them on a couple of event branding projects. Now at a couple of venues, we're excited to see what they have in store for the future and help them bring their future events to life.