Project overview

In summary

Fender Electric Guitars is an iconic brand that forms an essential part of the definition of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Fender, as it is often referred to, has a far reaching history dating back to 1946 and continues to sell instruments and amps to beginners, hobbyist and famous performers.

The team at Fender UK, based in East Grinstead, contacted us at Vinyl Impression to ask for our help produce a series of custom wall murals that utilise images of individuals playing their guitars as well as newspaper articles placed together to create a design feature.

The team at Fender created all of the designs for this project, but entrusted us at Vinyl Impression to print and install the range of murals. After receiving the artwork and checking it over, we took the designs and printed and laminated them before handing them to our installer to take to site. These murals were then applied throughout their office on key walls to add burst of colour and interest that dramatically impacted the look and feel of the entire office space. The team at Fender then affixed one of their iconic Guitars on the wall to create a feature that had a range of depth.