Project overview

In summary

GAN provides gaming platforms that give their clients simulated experiences that are accessible on mobile devices and other personal technologies through the Internet and apps. The GAN, which is one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies, is based in a large and bright modern workspace in central London. The team at GAN contacted us at Vinyl Impression to ask for our help in branding this space in order to reduce the amount of white in their office as well as to put their mark on the place that showcased their corporate personality.

The team at GAN highlighted two key areas that they wanted to transform with the use of graphics, the first of which was a 10-meter wide wall. This large blank wall could be seen throughout their entire open plan office, which naturally made it an obvious choice for branding. As the wall could be seen from multiple viewpoints and by different teams it was suggested that the design should remain applicable to all. In addition to this, the graphic needed to breakup the white expanse as well as create a feature that sat within the space holistically and as a result GAN wanted the wall to look like a brick wall. After spending time scanning the Internet for the perfect pattern the GAN team gave up as all they could find was patterns that repeated every 50cm and contained bricks that were either too large or too small. Not wanting to let them down, we set about creating a bespoke pattern that repeated every 5 meters and had bricks at the correct size in order to create a wall mural that had an authentic appearance. We achieved this by editing the image to remove obvious reputations or imperfections that attracted the eye.