Huntercombe Group 2

Project overview

In summary

Huntercombe is a UK healthcare provider who specialise in mental health, brain injury and addiction rehabilitation services. The team at Hutercombe Norwich dropped us a message after the team realised that their space needed an injection of life to reduce the buildings ‘clinical feel’.
Following a creative meeting with our consultants, three key spaces were highlighted for development and included the transformation of a corridor, a TV lounge and a dining room.

The first area was a twenty-meter corridor that was covered on both sides using a bespoke floor to ceiling wall mural that showcased a contemporary illustrative design of a rain forest with its animals and plant life. This original design was created by us specifically for this wall and was designed around their doorways, light switches and plug sockets to give a perfect finish. This design needed to be suitable for the wide age range of patients (12-19 year olds) and needed to replace an existing graffiti manifestation that had become out-dated.

Following this theme of animals and wildlife, we pulled the concept through into the dining room and TV lounge. Within the dining room we produced six images of different animals in the wild and applied these to the walls using linear repetition to create a strong yet engaging design feature in this space. In the TV lounge we sourced, produced and installed another wall mural but this time used a striking image of a waterfall, which continued the nature theme in this space.