Project overview

In summary

Interski is a winter sports holiday provider who offers trips and coaching on the pistes of the Aosta Valley, Italy. Interski contacted us at Vi HQ to see if we could help them update the décor of their space using our bespoke office branding service.

They wanted to create an environment that would reflect them as a company, but they were unsure of how they wanted to do this. As a result they asked us to produce a concept document that outlined various creative options and potential designs that could be used or developed further.

The first concept took a modern and clean approach that used a range of wall murals that utilised action shot photography to capture the enjoyment of those participating in winter sports. In addition to these, we proposed the design of bespoke infographics and simplistic typography in order to pull the key spaces together.

The second concept involved transforming the whole of the business unit to look like a luxury log cabin that had views over the Italian slopes. In order to create this we proposed covering all of the internal walls with a light wood pattern with the exception of one wall that would showcase a mountainscape, to provide a visual break from the repeating wood.

To replicate the stunning views, we suggested the use of frosted graphics to be place on the windows and glass doors. Using this material in this way would allow us to create the impression of looking onto the ski slopes, without detrimentally impacting the natural light that comes through the windows.

After delivering the proposal, the team at Interski decided to merge the two concepts by going ahead with the log cabin while also incorporating the bespoke infographic designs. Following this, we sent a range of wood options for them to chose from, and once they had selected we photoshopped the image to exclude any repeating elements to increase the look of authenticity.