London Venue Awards

Project overview

In summary

The London Venue Awards is the most prestigious award ceremony in the calendar for anyone to do with event venues, and this year GCN, the organizers, decided to combine this event with the London Catering Awards, which they launched this year in 2019. This jewel event showcased some of the top venues in central London, many of whom we would class as close friends and partners. This event was set to be an incredibly fun event that we were personally attending as a whole business and so the pressure was certainly on to impress everybody at this space and encourage us to get creative with how we could reimagine a space that the client had used for multiple events in the past.
First of all, branding started with the entrance way, which included two designs that covered pillar faces, as well as print and cut designs that had just text and hashtags shown on the pillars. Some stair raisers going up the concrete steps, another branding option that is incredibly popular with clients, then led to a printed fabric Archway, which is a lightweight flag with water bases on each side, allowing the customers to walk underneath and really have an external entrance to a venue like this.

The client wanted branded table tops, however, branding on these types of poser tables can become a challenge. So, Vinyl Impression have come up with a concept of purchasing acrylic tabletops that we own and rent out to clients branded so that they can place these on top of the tables across a venue. We make these in a variety of sizes. Another creative item that we chose for this event were pillar wraps, which previously would not have been possible without the creative thinking and material combination that we used. This material is a rigid PVC product that wraps around the pillar and sticks to itself causing the pressure to keep the branding in place throughout the event. This incredibly quick to install item is very effective and we've seen this product grow massively in popularity in the last year. We also took great care creating a branded stage backdrop was a key part of the event and where all the eyeballs throughout the day would be looking to.

Lastly, we also created various Clingz that were able to be placed around the venue on surfaces like mirrors, walls, wooden panels, etc. This product uses static electricity to cling to the surface and removes without any damage as there's no adhesive used on the product. We find this product incredibly helpful for grade listed buildings, as well as quick branding that clients can install themselves.

We had a really fun time at this event and we can't wait for the London venue awards 2021 to see all our colleagues again.