Project overview

In summary

Omnicom took over the venue at Altitude London for a small, customer focused event. A select number of VIP clients would come and hear about the latest improvements in the data marketing services that Omnicom provided. The auditorium was the key location where all the presentations were going to take place. The client went big and had a branded screen surround as well as all of the acoustic panels covered with branded messaging and digital graphics. A huge welcome sign was put up in the reception area, which was a key wow factor when people walked in and we also utilized picture frames that allowed the client to be able to show more visuals around the venue.

Lastly, making best use of the space, the client was able to use the two main square pillars in the foyer area, fully wrapped in our low tack, adhesive material.

There was also a light box in the reception, foyer, and an external sign that welcomed people into the venue and ensured the event was well signposted from outside.