Open Energi

Project overview

In summary

Open Energi works with businesses to improve their energy management and support their sustainability goals by utilising technology that evens out electricity demand from the national grid.

Open Energi contacted us at Vinyl Impression ten weeks before moving offices and asked if we could assist them by creating an inspirational concept document that would showcase a range of potential bespoke workplace graphics that could be applied in their office.

After receiving their brief, we tasked our design team with building a variety of creative and custom options for Open Energi. Once this was completed, we compiled the original designs into a document along with mock-ups to show exactly what could be achieved.

Following the completion of this document, we worked in close collaboration with the team at Open Energi to alter and amend the concepts into final designs. However, during this process it came to light that the move presented an opportunity to refine their brand and as a result we partnered with them to develop this. Consequently, we suggested that the workplace branding should be broken down into three phases to allow for the extra time needed as the branding evolved.

The team at Open Energi really liked the final concepts, which included whiteboard vinyl, wall murals, frosted window graphics and 3D logos printed on wood.

The whiteboard vinyl walls were a big success as they served as a better alternative to ‘idea paint’, which would have cost £8,000 excluding installation in comparison to £4,500 for our whiteboard vinyl. The whiteboard walls were given borders using vinyl that was colour matched to their brand yellow, this provided a clear divide between the writable vinyl and the wall. In addition we produced a range of little decals that were used as prompts to ensure the boards were wiped down after use.

In addition to these, we produced three large photographic wall murals that covered several key spaces. Firstly, in the boardroom we printed and installed a wall covering that used a cityscape of the city of London, which symbolically showed their key market place and where the business has developed. Secondly we produced a mural of Richmond Park which was applied in their kitchen and break out area in order to create a relaxed look that gave the perception of space and being outside; perfect for the team trying to chill out. Finally, we created a crowd wall mural that sat behind a table tennis table that created a fun effect of a Wimbledon final.