Project Fit 2

Project overview

In summary

Project Fit is a fitness business that has taken a revolutionary approach to interval training. Based in the city of London, Project Fit aims to take individuals of all fitness levels and give them the ability to smash goals they may have thought impossible.

The guys at project fit got in touch by filling in our contact form online, opening up the discussion of how we can assist them in branding their new space.

Knowing exactly what they wanted, the Project Fit Team sent us their artwork, which included their brand colours and logo. The designs used a bright vibrant red tone, which stood in contrast to the black background on the graphics.

This colour palette was used in all of the graphics, however they were used to create different effects. On the stairwell a black strip ran parallel to the hand rail, which had a red heartbeat running through the centre. Also in the stairway we placed a large ‘You vs your body’ graphic, which is Project Fit’s motto.

In the main gym area we produced and installed large text graphics that were installed vertically on pillars throughout the room. Also in this space we produced a wall graphic that contained motivational words that would keep those attending the class pumped.