Project overview

In summary

Samsung got in touch through their agency and asked for various branding options that were available at the venue, Altitude London. We worked closely with the agency to pick out specific items that would work well for them, presenting the new product range that the client was looking to show off at the event. We decided to go for a wow factor in the registration area with a huge welcome wall, spanning 10 meters and four and a half meters off the floor. This key item is incredibly popular with many clients that book this venue and we find that a wow factor entrance seems to go down incredibly well with all attendees no matter what event you are running. The main auditorium is one of the spaces that attendees would spend the most time in. With a captive audience for nearly two hours of presentations and meetings, we decided that the best use of budget for the client was to brand all 10 of the sound panels on either side of the auditorium to show off products and key messaging for product lines that the client was launching at the event.

The day then moved upstairs to lunch and break out sessions where there were practical hands-on demonstrations of the new products with tech demo stations set up by the client. This product launch was a real success on the basis of the flexible demonstration pods that allowed the client to place branded technology on top, enabling 360 degree product demonstrations and Q+A. This was a key feature that the client requested and we were able to deliver on budget and on brand.

One of the other items the client was launching at the event was a range of Art TVs that look like picture frames. These items were what the client thought of as the latest, huge step forward in the evolution of television. And so as such, the client wanted to display a timeline showing the progression of television over the years. We decided to use the main bar area of the 29th floor at the venue. This 12 meter wide print tracked the journey of television through the years and was a combination of typography and graphic design.

A couple of other small items that we placed around the venue were some stretch fabric frames that we rented to the client and they printed a graphic to pull taut over the frame system. These are an incredibly cost-effective way of creating branded surfaces at a venue and work incredibly well for these product demonstrations. Clients are then able to then keep the fabric and we can rent the frames to them again for future events in other locations. All in all, this was a fairly small event for us at this venue, but one that had some really high quality touch points with some great design elements from the client.

We look forward to working with Samsung again in the future.