Ship Insight

Project overview

In summary

We've worked with ship insight on their annual conference for the past three years and have built a brilliant working relationship with the very lean team that runs this event. We help by supporting in a plethora of ways from design to making suggestions on branding opportunities as well as maximising sponsorship opportunities for them to sell in packages to prospective sponsors for future events. We also handle all of the merchandising as well as all of the lanyard and badge requirements for the event. We have printed for this event in February 2020. We produced branded booklets, lanyards, name badges, tote bags, embossed notebooks, pens, and much more.

The items that we created for the client work to in, in order to maximize the visibility of the sponsors of the event were full wrap pillar branding, branding on the screen surround for the main presentation, as well as hanging banners either side of the auditorium with multiple logos in one space. We also encouraged them to go for holding slides during breakout times on digital signage, around the venue, which we also designed to help them gather even more revenue from sponsorship and digital advertising.

Some of the other small, but key items that we produced for the client, was a branded fabric registration desk, which consisted of five individual desk blocks that connected magnetically. One printed fabric sock is then stretched over the registration desk with zipped compartments in the back and shelving internally for additional storage. This lightweight and clever branding opportunity is both practical and well-designed and is becoming a key feature for many clients in various events in venues of all shapes and sizes.

We continue to look forward to working with ship insight for their 2021 annual conference and we have absolutely loved working with Adam and his team to create a very refreshing and forward-thinking conference in the shipping industry.