Tate & Lyle

Project overview

In summary

Tate & Lyle are a global supplier of food and drink ingredients that are used to add flavour, texture, and nutrition as well as for adding functionality such as shelf life.
The brand and communications team from Tate & Lyle contacted us to see how we could help them implement a range of new imagery within their central London office. This imagery formed a crucial part of the organisation’s latest marketing campaign that showcased their ingredients being consumed by their end users, highlighting Tate & Lyle’s key involvement in the enjoyment of good food and drink.

To facilitate this, we sent two consultants who offered advice on the placement of the multiple wall murals throughout their different floors. In addition, one of our installers conducted a site survey to measure the walls as well as to check the suitability of the surfaces.

When this was complete, the images and the site survey data were passed over to our artwork team who prepared the files for production. Once the artwork was finalised our production team printed the range of wall murals using a permanent vinyl coated with a matt finish laminate.

The wall murals were then packaged them up and despatched to site with a team of four installers who applied them throughout the office over two days. The installation took place out of ours to limit the disruption to the operations of Tate & Lyle and also formed a nice surprise for many of the team when they arrived in on the morning after.