Project overview

In summary

Trax Image Recognition looks to control and optimise the retail execution of their CPG clients. Trax uses breakthrough image recognition technology to uncover revenue opportunities and competitive insights at all points of sale. To learn more please visit:

Trax contacted us at Vinyl Impression HQ to find out how we could help them brand their rented office space in line with their corporate guidelines as set out by their headquarters in Singapore. In order to ensure that we would achieve the right end result for them we sent one of our skilled consultants in to view the space and advise on the best materials and to work within their space. The team at Trax were nervous that the graphics could make the space feel claustrophobic due to the compact nature of their office environment, however we factored in their concerns and suggested options to maximise the ‘white space’ around the bespoke wall graphics to keep the light and airy feel.

After we had advised the Trax team and they were happy to proceed, the Singapore office sent across the authorised and branded artwork for use. The artwork was then transformed into two custom wall murals, a range of print and cut wall sticker decals and several sized printed logos. One of these logos was mounted onto a clear acrylic board that was affixed to the wall with stand off fixings to act as interior signage near the entrance.