Project overview

In summary

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Each year, they hold an annual conference in locations such as Amsterdam, New Orleans and Poland, and this year it was the turn of London to host the event. Held at Here East, previously the home of the London 2012 Olympics Broadcast and Press Centre, Vue.js picked the venue with the hope to inspire a generation of developers, with their awesome talks and community.

Vinyl Impression assisted Vue.js in creating a bespoke branding. Working closely with our creative team, we went through initial concept stages to establish a starting design, and then refined this with the client, until they were at a point where they were happy enough to roll this out across their event and merchandise.

The designs were created from a series of triangles and this theme continued through the lanyards, magnets and other merchandise. With such a large venue, there were plenty of opportunities for event branding. With a series of full wall coverings, print and cut graphics, wayfinding signage and 3D lettering, we were really able to transform the venue.

Whilst pillar wraps can be used to cover the full 4 sides of the pillar, in order to brand more pillars in a cost effective way, we offered print and cut graphics, utilising the unique smooth concrete surface of the pillars within the venue as the “backdrop” to the design.

Attendees navigated their way around the venue with a selection of hanging wayfinding boards, and with so many attendees, these were certainly needed!