Wealth Tech

Project overview

In summary

The WealthTech event team from a large financial powerhouse booked The Mermaid London, and hosted their event over 3 days in a full venue take over. This was the biggest event we had done to date at the venue, and allowed us to partner with the event team to get creative.
Also a full day of set up the day before the event was a huge help too.

We provided the team with our amazing Mermaid branding document for the client to pick and choose from all the branding options at the venue, and the team went for Everything we offered, so we had our work cut out. We then met with the client and their internal design team in their offices in Finsbury and wowed them even more with our range of design templates and processes.

The end result was a full venue transformation from top to toe and the designs for the Wealth Tech branding were colourful, playful yet professional.

The whole project was planned thoroughly and executed perfectly, and we are incredibly proud of our team for their hard work. Our Managing Director Ed was on site to oversee the whole project personally to ensure the success of the project.

We were then invited to meet the client in their offices to discuss further partnership and were instructed to build one of our Branding Documents for the 5th floor of their offices which is it’s own event space. The event could not have gone smoother, and we are proud of the work we completed in a great partnership.