Wessex IT

Project overview

In summary

Wessex IT are an computer solutions specialist who offer their customers a comprehensive range of services to meet a large variety of needs. Wessex IT offer a mix of forward-thinking solutions as well as managed services and cloud based hosting.
The team at wessex IT contacted us at Vinyl Impression through a design agency to see if we could assist them with the production and installation of an office branding package.

From this initial contact we arranged for one of our project managers to visit the Wessex IT offices where they were able to measure the surfaces, collect additional information on the project and advise on our different materials.

Following this site visit our artwork team digitalised the site survey information and collaborated with the design agency to prepare the artwork for production. As part of this process we created a preview pack that was sent to the client for final confirmation before production went ahead, in order to limit any errors.

The main graphics drew inspiration from the internal workings of a computer in order to highlight Wessex IT’s industry prowess. In addition, the use of company logos gave the space a branded look and feel that increased the considered nature of the office. These logos were used on both walls and glass throughout to good effect. In addition, a door wrap was designed by vinyl impression to cover their server room door to add a fun design feature.

Once all of production was complete we packaged all of the graphics and sent them to site for our installers to apply. The installation of the graphics took place over two working days and involved the application to walls, windows, doors and the ceiling.