Claycots School

Project overview

In summary

Claycots Primary is one of the largest Primary Schools in Europe, and as such is a leader in many ways. When we were approached by one of the early years teachers to brighten up her area of the school the project was a very modest scope. But after meeting and seeing the campus, along with meeting the Head, we began to dream bigger, much bigger!
After the first meeting, we all agreed to use the early years budget to create a design proposal for the whole of the Britwell campus, one of 2 expansive locations.

The school brand consisted of just a logo and some colours so we created a whole design from the ground up. We reimagined the concept of key stages and created the student journey renaming these into Explorers, Discovery, Venture & Horizons.
Each key stage was given a color pallet and theme that when rolled out around the school created an immersive experience for the students that really brought the school to life with colour and creativity.
To say the designs were a hit is an understatement, the Claycots team were blown away by the concepts and we won their trust and importantly the agreement on budget to roll the concepts out across both campuses. First Britwell and later after construction had finished, Town Hall.

We commissioned a photographer to capture images of students and used those throughout graphics, we worked closely with staff to agree on quotes and messages, and threaded the school values and learning principles through everything we did.

What a rewarding and refreshing experience it was to work with Claycots and we couldn’t be prouder of the finished work. We commend them for taking the risk of allowing us run wild with our creativity and being allowed to think outside the box. Feast your eyes on the finished work that took months to agree, and weeks to design. What if every school and learning environment looked like this? How much more creative would the next generation be?

Know a school that could do with a creative touch? Send them our way and watch this space.