date posted

September 10 2015


Nate Down

Office Branding for beginners

Often when we chat to prospective clients they are concerned that in order to undertake an office branding project they need to have a huge budget, but this isn’t necessarily always true.

At Vi we love to work with companies of all sizes to help them facilitate an office interior design concept that works for them, their team and their workplace, but every case looks different and that’s okay!

If you have a small budget we have a fantastic group of products that are specifically designed to work together to create a strong interior design look and feel.  All of the products shown below have multiple options, including size and material, so they can all be tailored to your environment.

So let’s take a look at the products that could form your first round of graphics:

1. Printed Logo: From £25

More often than not when you ask someone what branding is they will say a company logo. While this isn’t an accurate definition, it clearly shows the importance of your logo and the identity it projects. As a result we suggest that a printed logo is a necessity for all workplace branding projects and they are perfectly suited to reception spaces although not exclusively.

This wall sticker is available in a large range of sizes and a choice of materials to best suit your office environment. In addition to the standard printed logo we also offer 3D foam board and frosted window manifestation logos.


2. Whiteboard: From £40

Our whiteboard vinyl material is a modern alternative to the traditional whiteboard and a cheaper option to idea paint. Our whiteboard vinyl comes in strips a bit like wallpaper and can cover any size surface to create a writable wall. However, some of our clients choose to place a single horizontal strip through their wall to create a specific writing area.

Our whiteboards come in both white and clear and can be customised with borders in your brand colour as well with other printed elements. For more information on whiteboards read our guide to using whiteboard vinyl.


3. Word Cluster: From £80

Word clusters, which are also commonly known as word clouds or wordles, are a fantastic way to highlight important phrases and terminologies that reflect your company’s culture and values. Word clusters can also be printed in your corporate colours and are available in a range of sizes to best suit your environment.

Word clusters can be placed in most areas, but we tend to see them placed around offices and in break out spaces. We believe they are best used when they contain team specific phrases and are placed near the desk of that team, which positively reinforces the company vision.


4. World Map: From £46

Our world map wall stickers come in multiple styles and sizes and have proven to be a very popular option for those wanting to showcase their international presence. Most of our maps come with markers that can be used to show offices, clients or places of significance to the business.

Our large world map is available in a wide range of colours, but if you want to have this printed in your brand colours you will need to speak to our sales team to make this happen. Click here to view our complete range.


5. Wall Murals: From £100

Wall murals or wall coverings are large printed graphics that arrive a bit like wallpaper and are applied to a surface to cover it. Our stock wall murals start at £100, but these are not tailored to your surface and may not cover the wall entirely. That being said all of our products are customisable and we can even create you a bespoke wall mural that meets your exact specification including any image you like as long as it is of a high enough quality.

Wall murals add a pop of personality and colour and are used to great effective break out spaces, kitchens and meeting rooms. Click here to have a look at our custom graphics page.