date posted

July 01 2016


Nate Down

Mini Case Study- Biz Karts

BIZ Karts is part the BIZ Group, which is a family run business based in London that was founded in 1816. While the business has a far reaching history, the BIZ Karts section of the organisation was created in 1994, but since then they have established themselves as a leader in the manufacture of Motorised Go-Karts.

The team at BIZ Karts got in touch with us to see how we could help them bring some of their brand personality to life in their large factory in Enfield where they custom build over 1000 karts a year.

In order to start the process we sent in our creative team to assess the space to see how we could help. This involved sending our creative director and lead designer to the factory to consult on how our products and services could be best deployed within several key areas.

As a part of this initial process BIZ Karts wanted our installation team to come in and conduct a site survey, which involves our crew measuring all the walls to ensure the graphic perfectly fit the space. These measurements are then digitalised and sent to Vinyl HQ and come with a guarantee.

During the site survey process an issue with wall quality was highlighted. The issue here was that the walls were broken up by trunking that sat on the surface that meant the finish would be significantly affected. In order to overcome this we mounted foamboard onto the wall to match the height of the trunking in order to create a flush surface to apply the graphics to.  

Following this BIZ Karts purchased a concept document, which is where our team create moodboards and original designs that are presented to the client for them to pick and choose and tweak according to their tastes.  BIZ Karts really liked the idea of using full wall coverings within their offices and showroom as well as their factory that showcased their products and skilled staff.

In addition to a series of wall coverings we produced and installed strips of vinyl to cover the bottom of a set of radiator covers. The strips of black and blue matched the design at the bottom of the wall murals and created a consistent border around the space.