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August 06 2015


Eve Reid

Retail window graphics

In today’s retail environment it has never been more important to ensure that you are making a big impact.

Window Dressing and visual merchandising (VM) is not primarily about making things look pretty. However, it is focused on attracting attention, reinforcing your brand, setting yourself apart, promoting your products and telling your story.

Retail window graphics are used to positively impact sales and communication by supporting a brand’s efforts to showcase their products, services and unique offering to passersby.  Window graphics are one of many tools in your VM kit and when used wisely can leverage fantastic results.

It is important to remember that ‘All the time [you] are failing to communicate; [you] are failing to sell’ and as a result retailers need to claim the value of their windows to compete successfully.

Here are some top tips to create winning windows:


1. Add ‘Window Value’

This is a very important point; will graphics add value to your window?

If you are going to invest any time, money or energy into your window displays you need to identify the exact value that they will bring. If there is no or little value to be added there is no point, for example in situations where the windows are not visible or prominent.  

Retailers with a lot of Windows may find it difficult to choose what windows to use. In these cases I would recommend selecting primary windows (i.e. those with the most visibility) and connect the others using window graphics that complements and promotes the key message.


2. Size & Shape

Size and shape is another important factor.

If your windows are too small they may not stand out. In which case you may also need to consider being more creative with your facade to draw attention to your windows. The easiest way to create a ‘WOW’ factor in this instance is to use supersized graphics that really stand out.

Be Bold and Go Large!!

3. Have a clear message

Customers only look at a windows for 4 seconds on average before deciding whether or not it is of interest to them. As a result, you must be clear on the message you wish to convey!

Storytelling is perhaps the most important skill a Retail business can develop. In fact Harvard Business School marketing professor Theodore Levitt has boldly stated that ‘tomorrow's products & companies will live or die by their stories.

Stories help to build deep relationships between consumers and products, which when shown within your window communication can highlight your passion and expertise in interesting ways.

4. Facing The Customer

This is an un-obvious, obvious one!

Many people do fantastic displays that face directly outwards. If you have a window that is directly in-front of oncoming traffic (either pedestrian, or cars) then this is not a problem. However, the majority of window displays are approached from the side, which narrow the customer’s field of vision.

In this situation, if you face your displays directly outwards customers passing would have to stop and turn 90 degrees to see them. Instead you need to angle your key display fixtures and graphics slightly so that the customers are able to see them at a 45-degree angle when passing.


5. Controlling the Customer’s Eyes

In retail, eye-line is Buy-line. In fact 64% of in-store UK sales come from eye-line shelves…

So, when it comes to window displays we need to make them easy for customers passing by to see, and this means ensuring some product presence at eye-line to capture their attention.

Graphics can be a great way in which to control the customer’s eyes, getting them to look where you want them to look. This could be on one particular product, a price or an area of importance.

You can control the eyes of consumers using techniques such as visual blocks (a panel or objects that forces customers to look at what you want them to) or framing (a graphic or object that creates a frame for a product to sit behind that draws the eye).

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