date posted

October 08 2015


Nate Down

Mini Case Study: Motortrak

Motortrak is a digital marketing agency that has been working exclusively with the automotive sector since 1995 in order to help international dealers sell more cars.

The team at Motortrak contacted us at Vinyl Impression to see how we could help them add a burst of colour using their branding to their office space in Thames Ditton, Surrey.

Motortrak’s office contained a lot of white space which they wanted to break up by bringing elements of their corporate personality. In order to achieve this Motortrak wanted to use partial wall coverings and murals as well as cut black text wall stickers and coloured shard graphics throughout several key areas of their office. 

The partial wall covering and murals were designed in a similar style to give the key spaces of the office a consistent look and feel. Motortrak’s talented team created the designs and utilising the letter M and the brand’s main three colourways they created a holistic design concept.

The next set of graphics we produced were a range of large cut text wall stickers that were used as wayfinding and team identifiers, which were placed above the desk level of the various teams. These workplace branding graphics incorporated technical code to reflect Mototrak’s digital prowess. In addition to these, we produced coloured shards in the brand colourways to create pops of colour throughout the white open-plan space. All the designs were created by the Motortrak team before they passed them over to our artwork team to create print ready files.

Once all of the graphics were produced from our base near Gatwick Airport we arranged a time for installation and sent in our install crew to apply the graphics.

We really enjoyed working with the team at Motortrak and the end result looks great.

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