date posted

August 04 2015


Nate Down

Mini Case Study: CSMA Club

This blog takes a look at a small project with CSMA Club at on of their offices in the South of England. Read on for the full story.

CSMA Club is a private home, motoring and leisure association that has been providing exclusive benefits to active and ex-civil servant members since 1923.

The team at CSMA Club got in touch with us at Vinyl Impression as they wanted to locate a company that could produce and install a range of window and wall graphics for their office in Brighton.

After sending over their concept, artwork and images of their space we provided suggestions on the best possible placements for graphics within their office.  

It was decided that the meeting rooms were key, but it was important the end look wasn’t too private or obstructive to the light coming in the windows. In order to achieve this, the window graphics were produced on an optically clear material to ensure the space stayed bright and airy.

In addition to the windows we created a series of white door wraps and wall graphics that were placed on brightly coloured walls in order to create a striking, yet subtle design feature.

After producing all of the graphics we sent our installation crew to the CSMA Club office to strip the existing window graphics and replacing them along with the additional wall graphics.