date posted

September 22 2015


Nate Down

Mini Case Study: Notion Capital

Notion Capital is an investment organisation that specialises in B2B Cloud and SaaS companies in Europe. Based just off of Portobello road in London’s trendy Notting Hill, Notion capital wanted the help of Vinyl Impression to add the finishing touches to the newly refurbished building before its team and hot deskers moved in.

In order to complete this project we liaised with an office fit out designer who Notion Capital had hired to facilitate the project. At Vinyl Impression we are set up to work with third party agencies and really enjoy being a part of these projects.

The first step in this project was to go to site to measure up and have a look around to see the space and see where the designer wished to place some graphics. After having the tour and being shown the key spaces we went back to HQ to await the final design concepts and artwork.

Notion Capital’s designer created a skyline made up of computer components, which were specifically designed to reflect the company’s core service.

We then set these up ready for print and repaired them for installation. This design was later installed in the entrance space, along a corridor and into a breakout space and became a strong design feature that pulled the room together. These component wall stickers were also installed within a recess within a meeting room and added a continuity to the space.

On the ground level was an office and within this space the designer wished to place a black and white wall mural to compliment a bright green floor. The image needed to be of the city of London, which we sourced, edited and printed to size.

We then reproduced this image to be installed within a meeting room on the first floor on a wall with a pitched roof. Our installation team simply cut the graphic to shape on site so that the graphic perfectly fitted the space and left no gaps.